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A mysterious and gloomy symphony awaits for everyone

June 16, 2017
Apocalypse Orchestra - The End Is Nigh

From the very beginning of the first composition of Apocalypse Orchestra - The End Is Nigh album The Garden of Earthly Delights bagpipes and orchestra carries us to the mysterious realm of ancient legends and fairy tales.
The following composition dominant role in the saga bagpipe transmits to cello. The vocal in Pyre gets tougher from time to time, from the inspired clean to the dense growling, the music becomes mysterious and viscous - recalling to ancient beliefs. But the bagpipes do not leave music without their influence, the keyboards over and over again shine with symphonic solutions.
The choir of the church ministers raises their hymn to the gates of Paradise, then Flagellants' Song conducts the story with melodious clean vocals that do not doubt the constant and necessary support of the servants of the church and magnificent accompaniment, the main motive of which creates the organ.
The organ continues to dominate, the vocal duet with it creates and develops the Exhale main motive, introducing the sacrament and the temptation to escape from the captivity of this fascinating sound.
Starting with a soft and sensual guitar fingering break, next the main motive of Theatre of War embraces anxiety and restless premonitions, vocal from time to time tears up troubled phrases from the viscous swirl of symphonic music.
An alarmed tune strikes feelings and emotions, demonstrating The Great Mortality of all of us. But the symphony of the charming melody entrays after itself, dissolving in itself and enveloping with the attractive atmosphere of doubtfulness of being.
The organ creates the great instrumental introduction To Embark for the following composition. Last song of album, Here Be Monsters develops the motives incorporated in the introduction, supplementing them with oriental shades and gloomy, severe and harsh rhythmic blows. Vocals consist of a dreamy clean, growling and choral satellites, sometimes wrapped around with ribbons of ancient and oriental motifs.