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In embrance of ancient memories

December 06, 2021
W.E.B. - Colosseum

The symphonic charm of the Dark Web introduction is then combined with a combination of vocal and musical fury, complete with chorales in the bridges and a return to the motifs of the introduction in the chorus. The romantic pensive nature of the Murder of Crows song continues the musical hang of the W.E.B. - Colosseum album, at times exploding into a whirlwind of musical fury, but still retaining echoes of romantic pensiveness. The Pentalpha composition brings vocal reflections to the forefront of the musical image, combining male and female vocals in the vocal monologue of the introduction.
The Colosseum album's title track intriguingly prepares for the perception of its sound, complementing the vocal mystery with musical intrigue. The Dominus Maleficarum song immediately explodes with rhythmic frenzy, then somewhat tempering the musical fury with a mid-tempo rhythmic march complemented by vocal anger, but exploding again and again with whirls of drive, then adding symphonic tones to the sound. The Necrology composition complements the mystery of the fairy tale sound with the phrases of the singing lady, preserving the musical outlines of the set sound.
After an intriguing introduction, the Ensanguined song builds its sound around the vocal part, bringing echoes of oriental motifs to the album's sound. The Exaudi Luciferi song insistently, persistently, and meaningfully rolls in heavy and viscous musical waves, uprising the vocal part on the crests of musical waves. The final song December 13th of the album partially continues the sound of the previous track, bringing touches of twilight solemnity to the musical narrative.