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Horror sometimes binds the mind

September 02, 2020
Naglfar - Cerecloth

The title composition of the Naglfar - Cerecloth album rolls over the musical canvas waves of impetuous drive, crowned with crests of vocal phrases. Twisting the lace of mystical mystery with the guitar solo of the Horns intro then develops from these passages the stream of musical drive of the main motive, weaving vocal phrases with a guitar solo into its sound.
The Like Poison for the Soul song's intro is dominated by the bass guitar solo, then the music rolls over the waves of a dark anthem, anticipating the dominion of the vocal lord. The mystical melodism of the guitar solo creates an intriguing mystery of the Vortex of Negativity intro, then the music flies away in a rapid stream of musical drive, on which vocals phrases rushes. The unhurried procession of the Cry of the Serafim musical march is crowned with the vocal narration of the wise storyteller. The epic atmosphere of ancient legends and fairy tales captivates with its brooding melody.
After brooding fairy tales, The Dagger in Creation returns to a fast-paced drive, complementing the frenzy of a musical thriller with melodic guitar passages. Continuing with the speedy musical narration, the A Sanguine Tide Unleashed track enchants with musical lace around vocal phrases. The final fragment of the composition slows down the tempo before the last segment, returning to the storytelling of fairy tales. The melody of the guitar solo of the Necronaut intro captivates with mesmerizing artistry, then, together with vocal significance, transforms into an impressive musical image of a mid-tempo epic saga. Continuing the mood of the fairy tale narrative, the Last Breath of Yggdrasil concludes the album with the symphonic charm of an epic saga, somewhat accelerating the tempo of the musical canvas.