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Harbingers of gloomy prophecies

July 29, 2021
Thy Kingdom Will Burn - Thy Kingdom Will Burn

The Awakening creates an epic atmosphere to the instrumental accession of the Thy Kingdom Will Burn - Thy Kingdom Will Burn album. But then the Alone I Stand song is collected around the vocal phrases with the vortex of the rapid drive. The Follow The Fallen intro's guitar solo attaches mysteriousness to the development of a musical image, in which the melodic essence of the guitar solo is dominated.
The epic sound of a battle march rolls the waves of the Rise Against verse's mid-tempo music, the rifle banners of the majestic saga in the chorus. The Black River introduces the album to the musical narrative with atmosphere of medieval bard ballad. The In Company Of Wolves howling wolves intro precedes the whirlwind of the rapid drive of an unrestrained musical thriller.
A viscous guitar solo curbs the dense rhythmic sound of the Unclean composition that accelerates the pace with the entry of vocals in the verse, but returning to the mid-tempo march in the chorus. The Through The Storm ballad transforms a musical atmosphere with a romantic sensuality dancing with a charming dance, combining harsh and growling vocals in the vocal part. After a brief pause, the War! song is built in the whirlwind of a melodic charm of a guitar solo, which is then chosen by vocal phrases sparkling trends. The romantic thoughtfulness of the guitar solo is completed with the musical severity of the Season Of Sorrow final album composition.