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Freedom does not tolerate doubts

June 07, 2021
Shturm (Krasnodar), 2009 -  Kalahia

The soft and mysterious chime of the Kailash instrumental intro opens the gates of the musical fairy tale of the Shturm (Krasnodar) - Kalahia album, then develops in the twilight veils of the sound of the On The Reigning Of Yama Court composition, which complements the echoes of epic fairy tales with vocal severity and combines many genre shades and stylistic discoveries.
The chants of Tibetan monks create the atmosphere of the Appealing To The Spirit Of Tibet bewitching fairy tale, slowly and thoughtfully walking along the chosen path of meditation and deep reflection. But then this procession complements the gloomy sea of pulsating drive, maintaining the given rhythm of majestic solemnity. But then the music transforms into a fast-paced musical thriller, hardening the sound and complementing the musical harshness with the fury of growling vocals. But then the vocal part intertwines screaming and growling in a vocal part in an argument and a duet.
The mystical echoes of mysterious tunes are transferred to another part of the world, captivating with the epic narration of other forgotten legends. In the sound of the Liberation Through Hearing During A Presence In Bar-Do composition, Mayan motives are intertwined with vocal severity and musical variations in a progressive lace of artistic perception. Further, this theme continues in the sound of the Maya... ...The Lost Wisdom song, complementing and developing the sparing mystery of the given musical direction.
An acoustic instrumental introduction complements the guitar mystery with a tambourine clap. Then the vocals are connected with a discreet growling to the musical mystery of The Grief About Forgotten Greatness.....Descendant Of Gods song. The Another Divine Doctrine first envelopes in anticipation of furious drive and musical frenzy, then justifies the expectation with an unbridled race of frenetic musical thriller, combining vocals fury and musical anger in a single musical stream. The title track Kalahia. The Cosmogonic Scheme Of Kalachacra sums up the musical sound of the album, enchanting with a mesmerizing epic tale.