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Exploring the varied and ambiguous shades

August 22, 2023
Under The Weather - Unwanted Shades

Rolling with the pressure of the drive, the guitar riffs create the way and the way for the vocal story of the Feed Us song, which begins the narration of the s Under The Weather - Unwanted Shades album with its vocal narration, complementing the clean vocals with various shades.
The straight drive with an assertive the Waste of Time march continues the musical narrative.
The vocals harden, complemented by a melodic musical charm, entwining the vocal honoring of the Pain Stain ballad, charming melodic sound, anticipating the melodic and vocal thoughtfulness of the Stockholm composition.
The guitar drive rolls in forceful waves, then crowned with vocal phrases of furious screams and growls of the Nothing to Share song, sometimes crowned with a dreamy ascension of clean vocals, captivating with the viscous melody of the Dead Serious composition and the Perspective final song with hints of a bard ballad.