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Description of variants of social mutations

August 21, 2023
Exile (JOR) - Suspended Society... Mutilated Variety

Explosions, shots and the noise of a furious battle precede the driving Forthcoming of Terror (Intro) guitar solo, which acts as the first step of the Exile (JOR) - Suspended Society... Mutilated Variety album, continuing with a furious whirlwind of unity of the sound of vocals and music of the Legion of Death song. The story of the wise old man begins the musical procession of the World of Guilt composition, which develops the sound with a melodic mid-tempo guitar solo, then alternating these melodic fragments with a violent musical thriller, adorned, however, with sparkling whirlwinds of guitar solos, continuing such a unity of musical contrasts in the sound of The Damned harsh march, emphasizing the rhythmicity of the vocal part, but alternating and varying the musical tempo and rhythmic pattern.
Bass guitar weaves the W.T.F - (Instrumental) charming musical lace, anticipating the rhythmic passages of the intro of the title track of the Suspended society / Mutilated Variety album, continuing with a swift whirlwind of musical drive and supporting the main vocals with chorales of musical associates. The epic charm of the musical motives of the introduction weaves the veils of the main motive of the Iron Hands musical fairy tale, then enveloping them with bewitching vocals reflections.
Once again, the bass guitar provides the musical path for the development of the 1536'c (Instrumental) track's sound, a charming melodic guitar track that serves as an introduction to the final fragment of this album, continuing with the fast-paced drive of the Absolute Evil frantic musical thriller, which is transformed by vocals appeals into rhythmic rolls, then again and again varying the rhythmic pattern. The intro's guitar solo points the way for a fast-paced chase, piercing the musical atmosphere with the sharpened blade of the song's A Man with Power main motive, complemented by the emotional charisma of the vocal part. The album ends its musical travel with the Coronation of Disgrace track, which begins with a crow's cawing, background chimes and thoughtful keyboards passages, ending with a rhythmic marching sound and hardening the vocal part to a harsh growling vocals.