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Everyone has their own companion

April 28, 2021
Burier -  In Communion With Death

The phrase of the magician elder, voicing The Grave Receives You title of the Burier - In Communion With Death album intro continues with the symphonic thoughtfulness. But then the whirlwind of the musical drive continues a frantic dance around demonic screming, while holding back the rapidness of musical passages under the influence of vocal delimony, but again and again blowing up a non-painful impatience in instrumental fragments and bridges, combined in a single musical jet with vocal intolerance. The buzz of a guitar solo in the Willow Of The Worms intro sets the atmosphere of trill's waiting, then combined with vocal trivial. But in the final fragment, the rage of music and anger of vocals are combined in a single counteraction to the future disasters.
The soft chime and the romantic thoughtfulness of the Cadaverous Decay Of The Swirling Shell intro again finish the development of the main motive, the gossiping lace from the voices of mystical sagas of the ancient priests and the druids, combined with the essays of legends and fairy tales. The Cursed Marshlands Of Suffering marching, shrouded in mystical seals of the twilight fairy tale and mysterious extensions of mysterious dark spells.
Persistently and rhythmically the Legions Of Dead Spawn song creates the sympathy sound of a battle march, marching the ghostly legions of the dark army. After brief intrigue in twilight mystery, the Older Than Serpents composition is rolling the waves of an unrestrained drive, which has vocal experiences on the ridges of musical waves.
The twilight flushing of mysterious pondays envelops the unclear haze of the Spine Stitched track, combining exhaustion with slowness, full of doubt and mysteries. Symphonic greatness with background short-sighted choraces acts as entry into the development of the Windwalker (Blessed By Deformed Angels) musical image, after long-term preparation, rolling the dark celebration of the epic anthem. The Haunted Corners Of Familiar Rooms completes the album with a leisurely procession in a solemn atmosphere, full of magnitude and significance.