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Engineering thoughts and decisions take on a certain artistry

December 23, 2020
Allomerus - Hydraulic Power Department (EP)

The It Goes Up To 11 song's music envelops with symphonic inspiration, sometimes accentuating the rhythm and forcing the tenacity of the sound of the main motive, but sometimes retreating to the artistic lace of guitar solos. The Allomerus - Hydraulic Power Department (EP) album's title composition builds up waves of technogenic severity, like the creak of mechanical parts and hardens the sound of the musical narrative with the tenacity of a hard march.
Transformed into a joyous sound of artistic playfulness, the Standing On The Shoulders Of brings a touch of solemn pleasure to this album's progressive music book. The mysterious playfulness of the Snake In The Glass musical composition is complemented by vocal reflections. The Steam Powered Inertia vocal part brings in some echoes of irritated emotions, weaving outraged phrases in a single musical stream with musical variations.
The Spherical Cow artistic musical suite with instrumental mystery serves as an introduction to the final composition of the album Every Breath We Drew, in which echoes of folk motives and an epic interpretation of ancient musical fairy tales captivates the listener with the progressive lace of musical unity.