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Don't caress cats against the grain

September 07, 2016
Iron Bridge Band - Against The Grain

Sophisticated at times seems too simple - but that's Iron Bridge Band - Against The Grain !
Plain and mundane tunes of the A Little Too High fetter the wings, striving upwards. Otherwise they shall burn sun and bearing fall down to the ground, breaking in all its lofty aspirations!
Sometimes you stigmatized by everyone around, pointing out to you yells that you are the Black Sheep's Son. Well, let them go away - understood and accepted all of that and not so sad. Their world - not for you, but yours - not for them!
Melancholic ballad The Fall weaves in his compositions sad notes, but also spirit of hope. Female and male vocals tray and twist their voices to it from different sides, criss-crossing the life-giving power of track's soul.
Rays of hope radiates the American Boss allowing leaped best hopes for the future. But it ends with a drum roll ...
Country-style Raleigh reminds us for neglected rustic expanses, for its peaceful, but not burdened sound dispels sadness of bygone days.
Lively guitars strums of Every withdraws consciousness from the captivity of everyday problems in space of development for the fate options.
Hard blues riffs leads the boat with the Mark Twain on the river of the usual tastk, that enslaves the freadom of will and does not allow to confront its onerous stream.
Backwoods Charm (A Southern Gothic) revives the lively craving for swift rebirth, ask for the new development of all around and ability for the new values!
Day Gets Me Down grinds notes of sadness, arising after a hard time. Male and female vocals combines their melancholic impulses in one stream to sign the hard day's night.
Calm balanced guitar fingering of the Faded puts an end to surge of grief and sad emotions.
In the Wilderness searching for a lot of values stuff, male vocals takes the main role supported with hopeful guitars and female vocals from time to time.
Singing lady, that satisfies with secondary roles during entire album in the Light In August comes to the fore, leading the narration of that romantic ballad.