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You can't see ashes and dust in the darkened dusk

September 06, 2016
Cradle Of Filth -  Dusk... And Her Embrace - The Original Sin

Can you always distinguish between good and evil? Cradle Of Filth - Dusk... And Her Embrace - The Original Sin.
But if the sin - is a virtue? Oh, you have to make your own decision!
That's neither reissue nor re-mastering of the legendary album Cradle Of Filth - Dusk And Her Embrace but the darkness will enwrap our bodies, hearts and souls - forever and ever!
Mysterious sounds of the Macabre, This Banquet open ahead of us the gates of the hall, filled with mythical beings.
Ball of these creatures swift and harsh, dance ornate and unique - they seek to demonstrate Nocturnal Supremacy. In sharp spurts creeps a mysterious lady to invest gothic charm with her voice notes to this unleashed rumble, then the male monologue calms frisky coils. But unbridled fury still can't stop and will continue to emit their destructive flashes!
Melodic guitar riff chops the all doubts with its ornamental blade, then keyboards chimes bounding the male voices exposing the Heaven Torn Asunder. Under damaged heaven all hidden before exits outside to the fore - all rushing from side to side, remembering the old grievances - the world turns into a cauldron in which humanity is cooked in its own juice! The story of this horror and disunity leads clean male and female vocalssupported by of the sublime passages of lyrical violin and keyboards parties.
Title track Dusk And Her Embrace begins with fierce rhythmic beats, dissonant with chants of the elven fairy on the background. Then singing lady comes to help to the melody of fairies, but only for a moment - then again the fury breaks to the fore. This twilight saga will be held in constant changes - the dusk changing pattern, playing with hues and shades. Even fairy with demonic adept comes to the fore, then keyboard solo captures the spirit and fascinated by its sounding. There's a lot of varies and inspirations - have to listen it for the own one!
A Gothic Romance matches by thy name, introducing with mystical keyboards fascinating saga, which pierces the twilight tulles as a leitmotif rapier. But then the air tunes gain rage and power, in addition to sharpness and urgency - so gloomy goth atmosphere overflows with aggressive anger. But furious rage can't overcome the main motif - he has left without his attention only for a moment!
The organ, horns, fiddles and keyboards decorate The Graveyard By Moonlight with the symphonic glow, cast out the darkness from the depths of minds and souls to the surrounding open spaces.
Funeral In Carpathia begins with sense of loss sharp flight, that covers all deep inside and blacken everything around with its darkness. The darkness of confusion enslave everyone and everything, then keyboards and violins convey sadness and grief at not furious case like a quiet sadness, embracing the heart by its oppressive sounds. Lady sings funeral chant, violin and guitar fringe their parties for the understanding of the importance of the Lost.
Whispering bells at start, male monologue follows that, concluding his narrative vocals with beautiful lady and screaming demon that combins in the Beauty Slept In Sodom. The demon screams its arguments, changing the rhythm and tempo, confession of pure male and the dispute with the demon is preceded by a fascinating thrilling guitar solo, then lady utters the important phrase. But the demon does not stop to argue - a fantastic guitar solo head uspokaevaet his stubbornness only for a moment.
The Haunted Shores Of Avalon saturate sound space with powerful and speedy riffs, that flows around the main motive like a turbulent streams. In this rampant rushes fragments of male clean vocals sometimes includes!
Whispering calm bells not fade away - they just awaiting to reveal of the Carmilla's Masque with the sublime keyboards symphonic saga!
All shades of darkness did not disclose in a few words, music and sounds of the legends in need of handling and redefining so A Gothic Romance (Demo) and Nocturnal Supremacy (Demo) urging it even those who are unable to accept and believe - there's dusk everywhere!