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Darkness that can not be glorious

July 19, 2022
Crematory (DEU), 2022 -  Inglorious Darkness

The title track opens the Crematory (DEU) - Inglorious Darkness album's book, enchanting with the musical artistry of the music and vocals, beginning with a keyboard suite the musical story of the Break Down the Walls composition, continuing with a rhythmic step crowned with a mesmerizing melody and vocal inspiration.
Changing the lyrics from English to German, the Trummerwelten ballad fascinates with an exciting sound, returning to the English lyrics in the twilight mystery of the verse, again and again emphasizing the Rest in Peace title in the chorus.
Futuristic musical variations combine with echoes of dark charms in the emotional narrative of the The Sound of My Life song, then recalling the band's most famous and successful Tranen der Zeit composition, again changing the lyrics from English to German.
By bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, the Until We Meet Again musical story builds a musical essence on the basis of vocals transformations, raising the banners of vocal significance in the chorus, developing vocal inspiration in the sound of the sparkling celebration of the Zur Holle song, shading the clean vocals with the final phrases of growling.
Combining the sounds of nature, birdsong and a modernist musical embodiment, the Not for the Innocent composition brings unexpected notes to vocals artistry, continuing the musical narrative of the album with the Forsaken mesmerizing symphony and summing up the musical release with the Das Ende composition embodying its name.