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Darkest tales of evil tyrants

November 10, 2022
Slaughterday (DEU) -  Tyrants of Doom

The leisurely step of the Dawn of the Goblin (Intro) intrigues the further development of the musical fairy tale of the Slaughterday (DEU) - Tyrants of Doom album, then combining the gloomy march of the introduction with a furious acceleration of the tempo complemented by the Mauled vocal fury, in the chorus recreating the atmosphere of the Coffined Saviour epic musical tale, continuing with notes of the mysterious mystery of guitar passages with explosions of drive.
Vocals immediately crown the Necromantic Visions musical image, combining with a furious blade of musical motifs and retreating before the sparkling charm of guitar bridges, continuing this combination, eating drive, melody and unexpected transformations in the sound of the Grave Nihilist and Pestilent Tombs compositions, combining explosions of deadly drive with transformations of sound and bright guitar solos.
The title track Tyrants of Doom gradually, carefully and painstakingly weaves the lace of the twilight march in the introduction, but sometimes rises with a whirlwind of drive, but then returns to the chosen one, but retreating before the whirlwind of the Drown in Filth deadly drive, breaking the way of an epic fairy tale, developing into the Parasitic and Predator (Carnivore Cover) compositions, weaving the final lace of the album with a unity of questions and doubts.