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Reflections of endless cycles

November 09, 2022
Simulacra (AUS) - Immensus

The pensive twilight of the musical passages creates an appropriate musical background for the painful vocals reflections of the Permeate song, which develops in the further development of the musical atmosphere of the Simulacra (AUS) - Immensus album in the digitized complication of the vocal lyrics and musical narrative of the Algorithm composition.
The musical mystery of the Censor This intro intrigues with the mystery of the further development of the musical story, in which the vocals lyrics are promoted higher and higher, supporting musical pulsations transformed by the romantic reverie of vocal sadness with oriental shades in the sound of the Endless Cycle composition.
Continuing the atmosphere of twilight in an even more painful reverie, the Autonomy musical artwork brings notes of a pulsating march and rhythmic drive to its sound, crowned with vocal reflections developing in the enchanting lace of Panacea technogenic mystery and obscure shades of the coming changes.
Further exacerbating the atmosphere of twilight mystery, the Imposition ritual echoes of magical rites, further developing the musical incarnation of the album in the unhurried rhythmicity of the Clutching vocal story, anticipating the completion of the album with a transformation of musical style and a certain hardening of the vocals of the Reflection composition.