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Dark mist entices by so charming promises

February 25, 2017
Dead End Finland - Slaves to the Greed

Dark romance Dead End Finland - Slaves to the Greed involuntarily envelops with its dark gray, almost colorless, veils, hiding in the haze of the ghostly mists among abyss of desperation.
Disco rhythms and tunes turns into dark romance Through the echoes, future & past of exciting ballad, lyrical charm shrouds by the mysterious growl and enchanting beauty of soft clean vocals, that complains with its spells main theme, driven by keyboards breaks.
Inside the void begins a return to the dance tunes of evil spawn, then turning into a wonderful main motive enveloped with dark enchantments of black vortex.
Lyrical melody Fragments of the innocent marches in solemn toga association with key guitar tenderness thoughtfulness, developing into vampires dancing among scamps like them.
Unification dark impenetrable mist and dark evil imps dancing among haze of darkness continues in Messenger of sorrow, enveloping with veil of dark romance - completes by a children's chants.
Clean vocals begins to tell the Nightfall tale, he just was fond of the depths of thoughtful shackles and despair sombre cage grates.
Gentle guitar fingering and pensive dreamy keyboards passages are prepared in melodious prelude Devil's triangle (interlude) to the Screaming back to hell surprising combination of fierce growling vocals with gentle exciting melodies of main tune and sublime clean vocals, singing demonic phenomenon, caused by spells of demons.
5000 voices reveals thrashing main motive, that torques in a vortex of dark energy. The simple melody is revealed in a lovely bouquet of vocal variety of styles and hues, changing the rhythm and tempo ... oh these demons, their charms!
Drive and speed gives the way for the clear rhythmic pace, that gathering in the fascinating melody of romantic ballad The devil inside me.
The title track Slaves to the greed closes the album, starting lyrical guitar fingering turning into lyricaly dispelled dark fog.