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February 24, 2017
Noctem - Haeresis

An unbeatable combination of wonderful and fascinating melodies and zealous, rolling, driving sound combined in Noctem - Haeresis !
Dark atmosphere condense inside Through The Black Temples Of Disaster, immediately enveloping with swirling guitar motifs into indelible rush to the darkness.
Thickening fog in irreconcilable conflict of Auto-Da-Fe, collecting different vocal tones in a single picture, bitter disputes and rivalry with undeniable eternal and immutable statements - instrumental party juggles melodies and motives as if assembled clusters of human souls.
The Submission Discipline going in a single burst, indelibly and indisputable continuing its zealous and tenacious story.
Slow, thoughtful and persistent commencing Blind Devotion tale continues as the story in an equally hard and demanding manner.
The Dark One envelops us in shreds and clouds of impenetrable fog of its motives, drawing attention and doubts in the cycle of melodic impulses.
The title Haeresis track draws attention and the mind by its memorable melody, entangles with vocal extravaganza variating screaming and growling styles intheir parts.
Thick gusty motives of Whispers Of The Ancient Gods drags away into the abyss of doubt, illusory joys and experiences, bringing together romantical ballad with a fierce angry rushing gust. Foggy and mysterious atmosphere continues its unpredictable changes while Conjuring Degradation And Morbidity, combining exciting unforgettable melody of the main motif with violent gusts of supporting and carrying it intrumentsl gusts.
Speed and impulsiveness sacrificed for strong and memorable melodies in The Paths Of The Lustful Abandon, sounds like dense, viscous and powerful ballad, accelerating its lyrical flow in the end.
Mysterious and intriguingly starting, Pactum With The Indomitable Darkness ends the album impetuous rolling sounds that do not suffer the slightest doubt for its odium.