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Cosmic winds carry away forgotten tales

June 20, 2020
Cosmic Putrefaction - The Horizons Towards Which Splendour Withers

Exploding in violent waves of anger at the introduction of Cosmic Putrefaction - The Horizons Towards Which Splendour Withers album, the Between Awe and Fear Upon the Burst of the Ominous Star then pumps out pulsating flashes of rhythmic rage, complemented by trends of epic thoughtfulness in instrumental fragments. Emotional screaming and severe deep growling intertwine in the vocal part.
Rhythmic pulsations twist a thoughtful lace, then This Landscape Sublimates Oblivion to Obliteration is marching with vocal cries in the march of a pulsating anthem and tightening the rhythm section with the introduction of vocals, alternating phrases of screaming and growling into the procession of the dark anthem.
Thoughtfully, viscously and painfully, The Glooming Murk of His Telluric Shrieks whirlwind of musical melody wraps itself around the muffled meditations of a vocal whisper, then rolls with the harsh waves of twilight solemnity, combining the harsh growling and viscous guitar riffs in a gloomy musical procession.
Dancing in a whirlwind of round dance, the Abysmal Resonance Projection begins with a stream of rapid drive, then supplementing the musical essence of the song with new and new variations, most of all captivating with the unity of screaming and growling in a duet. The Arcane Soothsayer Carefully Sculpted His Demise even more bewitchingly combines the echoes of forgotten fairy tales, crowning the rapid stream of restless drive with shades of epic sagas - such an interesting combination of contrasting elements in the musical narrative leaves an unforgettable experience. The final composition of the album Utterance of the Fall of Man introduces an even more significant musical milestone into this unity, starting with a symphonic suite in which the saddened ghost of classical music is intertwined with the romantic charm of a guitar solo and then continuing with a pulsating wave of musical fury.