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Numbers and meaning are intertwined in the dance

June 20, 2020
Smackbound - 20 / 20

Forcing a wave of rebellious mood, the Wall Of Silence vocal narrative of the singing lady carries away charismatic appeals musical passages to follow the path indicated by the vocal part. Somewhat pacifying the musical narration the Drive It Like You Stole It continues the Smackbound - 20 / 20 album with the dominance of the vocal part, but slowing down the pace to a mid-tempo pulsating march.
Combining the romantic atmosphere of a ballad with the grandeur of a solemn anthem, the sound of Close To Sober song carries thoughts into the realm of dreamy temptations. The Run expands the stylistic framework of the album combining ballad romanticism of vocal reflections with symphonic echoes of musical variations crowning the musical image. Developing the symphonic majesty of musical compositions The Game envelops vocal experiences with the covers of inspired symphony.
Continuing the development of musical greatness Those Who Burn somewhat accelerates the pace of sounding, however, entwines vocal reflections with lace of bewitching musical passages, while preserving bewitching melody. But Hey Motherfuckers combines melody with anxiety, anticipating the explosion of rampant drive into the sound of the Troublemaker musical thriller, flying away in the rampant dance of deadly musical variations.
The mystical romance of the inspired tunes of the singing lady captivates with the expectation of inspiration, but then the music of Date With The Devil song accelerates, however, preserving the atmosphere of romanticism. The Wind And Water concludes the album with a magnificent ballad, bringing to the forefront of the musical image the inspiration of vocal reflections and complementing the musical greatness with the enchanting symphony of musical accompaniment.