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Combining different shapes in a single entity

February 03, 2023
Detraktor - Full Body Stomp

After the drum roll of the intro, the guitar riffs press with vigorous drive, stepping out with a rhythmic march in the verse and shouting the Gorilla title in the swift whirlwind of the chorus, continuing the musical narrative of the Detraktor - Full Body Stomp album with a harsh and meaningful procession of the rhythmic step of the introduction foreshadowing a dense and powerful vocals march of the Bear Fight composition.
After the intriguing passages of the introduction, the Behave composition brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, changing the rhythm and tempo in accordance with the vocals transformations and decorating the sound with a bright and sparkling guitar solo of the instrumental part. In the dense and energetic drive of the Evilusion (feat. Dirk Weiss) (Undercroft cover) song, special attention should be paid to the influence of the guest vocalist on the musical pattern of this musical artwork.
Developing the main motif in the introduction, the Perro composition in the chorus again and again emphasizes its title, foreshadowing a significant and majestic procession of the I'm The King solemn march, crowned with bright and artistic passages of guitar solos of instrumental fragments.
Persistently, persistently and rhythmically, the Seven composition hammers its musical pace with vocals phrases, continuing the musical story with the fascinating artistry of the Revenge intro, rolling out the musical canvas before the procession of the vocal story. The artistic diversity of the Filth Me Up composition, wrapping the fury of vocal anger with musical variations, puts the last point in the sound of the album.