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August 06, 2021
Loch Vostok, 2021 -  Opus Ferox: The Great Escape

Bright and inspired guitar solo, in a progressive combination with keyboards, the The Freedom Paradox song begins the musical narrative of the Loch Vostok - Opus Ferox: The Great Escape conceptual album, complementing the musical artistry with emotional vocal phrases, complementing the inspired tunes of pure vocal background shades of the harsh grorong. The Enter the Resistence composition begins with romantic headings of epic saga, then a diverse vocal party with harsh and growling vocals. The Glorious Clusterfuck track enters with an electronic impulses inherent to popular music, but then compacts and fascinates the sound, then transforming into a combination with epic keyboards, expanding the stylistic framework of the album.
The intrigue intro starting the Disillusion composition and transfers us to the expanses of a pensive trip, creating a romantic atmosphere that the epic fairy tale of the Galacticide song continues. The When the Wolves Have Eaten Everything track is progressively and artistically complicates musical design, alternating and combining dreamy pure vocals with a harsh grover.
Romantic musical appeals begins the Generation Fail epic musical canvas, then facilitating the sound in charm of the Seize the Night romantic ballad. The Great Escape title track and the Save You final composition of the album returns to the progressive complexity of the musical structure.