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Changing the world to kiss chosen heart

January 20, 2022
Cold Engines - Kiss My Heart

The Future track serves as an intriguing introduction to the Cold Engines - Kiss My Heart album, rolling out the musical canvas for the enchanting sound of the second song, in which the emotional delivery of the Breaking Up vocal part comes to the forefront of the sound. The Shady Lover composition enchants with an arty, wistfulness, bringing in the dreaminess and keyboard artistry of the previous track.
The bass solo touches the leitmotif of the sound of the Trippin' song, which is captivated by the emotional reflections of the vocal part, and the romantic and sentimental reflections of the Kiss My Heart title track, which again and again emphasizes its name, continuing with the sound of the Looking How I Feel sad ballad, which combines musical artistry with an indelible and inexpressible vocal sadness.
The instrumental reflections of the Moon White Sky track are developing the artistry and originality of this musical arwork. After a reflective introduction, the Dirty School track transforms the album's sound with the echoes of stoner and southern rock, continuing with the romantic reflections and musical transformations of the Night Flight song, which anticipates the artistic diversity of the Queen Of The Scene album's final track.