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Unfathomable mysteries of cosmic fluxes and objects

January 19, 2022
No Living Witness - Cosmic Simulacra (EP)

The twilight mystery of the musical variations of the Discarded Ember From The Universal Flame introduction unfolds into a rapid whirl of guitar solo, then continuing the procession of the musical composition by variations of rapid explosions with the unity of screaming and growling in the vocal duet and pensive reflections, in which screaming and growling alternate. Of particular note is the enchanting melodicism of the instrumental part, which brings some shades of artistic charm to the sound of the No Living Witness - Cosmic Simulacra (EP) musical release.
Immediately bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, the Dimensions Of Diviner's Sage song alternates rapid drive with the dominant screaming vocals with thoughtfulness and significance with the growling vocals.
Soft and gentle Dark Moon guitar solo, completed by dreamy vocals, acts as an introduction to the Sailing On A Cardboard Sea composition, preserving its melodic charm, but supplementing it with vocal unity of screaming and growling, combining in progressive artistry of musical variations of rhythm and tempo. The sound of the Words Once Written song is transformed by the echoes of epic sagas and memories of ancient fairy tales, bringing their motifs into the musical narrative.
The rhythmic progression of the Individual Sovereignty musical march is complemented by sparkling passages of oriental motifs, then combining with the vocal duo in a single musical flow with the charm of oriental epic sagas, immediately exploding with a furious frenzy of vocal unrest in the Terra Nova final musical thriller of this release.