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Art soothes even combative mood

December 12, 2017
Embersland - The Art Of Peace

A bright stream of impetuous drive, extolling the Strike Back main motive begins the Embersland - The Art Of Peace album, makes up the sound first from the solo male vocals, to which then the singing lady joins, supplementing the vocal parts with her voice.
The melody does not change for a lot, but it develops - first of all the soulful background of the keyboard passages changes the character of the sound. but it should be noted that the vocal is also changing - the female acquires a much more important meaning, the male is more inclined to pensive phrases.
The main motive, which was conceived in the The Constant Of Chance introduction, brings us quite a worthy and resounding growling, arguing with female vocals. However, the fans of Beauty&the Beast music style will be disappointed - there will be further changes in the vocals, but a worthy beast will return! I've have expected this for a while.
From the very beginning, a stream of gothic romance flows into the Emotions Of Time music, then, in mysterious and mysterious changes, the male and female vocals duet supplements these mysterious motives with feelings and emotions.
Romance carries away from the Muse introduction, in which classical keyboards and romantic guitar motifs resonate with gentle female vocals. Then the sensibility and emotions exaggerate their frames in the duet of male and female vocals, enveloping in a thick wave of lyrical romance in a sensual ballad.
A tough and meaningful growling vocals sweeps the waves of a severe drive in Fatal Obsession intro, then the duet of clean male and female vocals complements it with sensual reflections. Then the kaleidoscope of these changes continues.
Here it is already a trio of growling and clean male and female vocals combined in a bright, unforgettable Road Of Hope And Death song. Let's not complicate the melodic structure, but rather interesting and original complement each other.
A romantic ballad, in which medieval motifs of wandering bards introduces in Sweet Loneliness song. Vocal is also combined in a trio, combining pure vocals, female and male in different timbres, tenor and baritone.
The rocky rhythm of Heroes In The Dark combines with romantic musical motifs, in dark charm enveloping vocal phrases in a gloomy fog.
Feel The Passion completes the album with a variety of waves of romance, mostly in the vocal duet, which at the beginning is supplemented several times with inclusions of growling vocals.