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Are there evil and vicious creatures enough?

December 12, 2017
Lady Beast - Vicious Breed

Beginning in dreamy melodic meditations Seal The Hex before the introduction of the vocal admits a wave of musical fury, supplementing her with bright guitar solo and emotional vocal parts accentuating in the chorus the name of the composition starting the Lady Beast - Vicious Breed album.
Lively and vigorously The Way continues the sound of the album, enveloping vocal phrases with vortexes of instrumental drive, discarding laziness and indifference from the chosen path.
The rhythmic march Lone Hunter persistently and confidently paves the way for the chosen direction, the vocal complements this procession with a storm of emotions, with vortexes of feelings and experiences. Then, in the instrumental part, the rhythm becomes fast-moving, carrying with it a bright guitar solo and subsequent vocal emotions.
The rhythmically marching musical motifs begins Always With Me, but vocals instead of a variety of emotions turns the composition into a mid-tempo manifestation of romance, almost a ballad. And again in the final part the rhythm picks up the pace in the impetuous rush.
Experiences, emotions ... Get Out, fed up! An energetic drive carries smithereens all on its way, vocal and instrumental musical ideas unites in this violent stream.
Epic tale about the exploits of legendary heroes indicates that there is nothing invincible - so Every Giant Shall Fall! The main motive of the song is inspiring by inexhaustible energy, letting you know - go forth to victories! Instrumental composition Sky Graves begins with a fantastic ballad, creating a romantic atmosphere of lyrical reverie and lofty fantasies. Again, the composition completes an increase in the tempo for the incendiary guitar solo, which predicts the character of the next composition.
The title track Vicious Breed completes the album, in a fast and vigorous drive the music rushes directly and urgently to the chosen goal, the vocals change the shade of their parts in verses and choruses.