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Among the harsh expanses there are the northernmost

July 10, 2019
 Cold Colours - Northernmost

The wind retreats before melodic guitar acoustics Northernmost I, starting the Cold Colours - Northernmost album with a melodic ballad. Then the epic horror envelops vocal phrases with fascinating power, majestically parading in the leisurely narration of the Nightmare ballad. A Life Forlorn continues the musical narration, enveloping the thoughtful phrases of clean vocals with romantic musical covers, then transforming the vocals by growling, but retaining charming melody.
Acoustic guitar solo v begins the next chapter of the musical saga. Then From This Pain weaves epic lace, in verses fascinating with vocal phrases, introducing elements of drive in instrumental bridges and next composition's parts. Fascinating majesty creates such an impressive musical essence of the Spirit ballad that at first vocal complements the musical image, but then gives way to the pressure of instrumental greatness.
A gentle guitar fingering chime Northernmost III begins the next chapter of the album. Terminal Winter continues the music with a majestic hymn to the intro, then muted clear vocals phrases predate the development of so charming main motive. Rolling in the waves of a harsh march Heathen intertwines screaming and growling vocals in a musical image, weaving this alternation with fascinating covers of musical romance.
A deliberate bardic ballad Northernmost IV near the campfire with the wind on the background anticipates the final chapter of the album. Soft and fascinating The Parting musical passages twist vocal charases with charming covers, captivating with the sound of the final musical lace. The Pale Heart completes the sound of the album, crowning the majesty with a solemn introduction, then in the music there are trends of impetuous drive, only a little beyond the edge of the average pace.