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All fo us are searching for the light

March 01, 2022
VHS Collection - Night Drive

Rhythmically, insistently and vividly, the musical flow elevates the emotional vocal narrative of the The Dark song's verse, preparing their rise above ordinariness and despondency in the inspired chorus. The Deep End begins with intriguing and mysterious vocal reflections, then unites the VHS Collection - Night Drive album's music and vocals in a reassuring march toward future endeavors.
A romantic guitar solo sets the mood for the sound of the Survive ballad, combining vocal chants in a unified dance with sparkling musical passages, preceding the vocal part's foregrounding of the Anyway inspired musical image. Romantic echoes of cosmic currents easily and confidently precede the ascension of the vocal part to the crests of the Space Between Us waves of futuristic musical variations.
Sparkling, unhurried and touching, the Arcadia composition combines artistic musical chime with intriguing vocal foreshadowing, preceding the vocal part in the foreground of the Someone Somewhere musical image. The Searching For The Light song extends the stylistic framework of the album, artistically combining in its sound the features of different musical styles and genres.
The 10th acoustic ballad, with certain country-style echoes, closes the album with a serene calm. The issue of role separation in relationships combines in the enigmatic introduction of the With Or Without Me track, wrapping a veil of hope, understanding and sympathy in the chorus. The Party acoustic ballad, with certain country-style echoes, closes the album with a tranquiling calm.