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A future that breeds destruction and despair

November 06, 2020
Rockin' Engine - The Wretched and the Damned (EP)

The guitar riffs of the Let It Burn intro pump waves of powerful drive, rolling in shafts of tenacity, complemented by furious drum rolls. The vocal intro is preceded by a bright guitar solo, then the vocal emotionality complements the sound of the Rockin' Engine - The Wretched and the Damned (EP) album with rebellious emotionality. Preserving the dense rhythmic component of the mid-tempo pulsation, the Mass Hysteria composition drives its way with powerful feeds of a rhythmic march. The instrumental part captivates with the epic significance of the guitar solo.
The guitar solo begins the sound of Broken Angel sensual ballad with gentle covers of romantic atmosphere, weaving enchanting vocal tunes and soft guitar passages in a mesmerizing waltz. The I Sold My Soul to the Devil song in intro immediately explodes with energetic rhythmic pulsations of impetuous drive, jumping as if on a frantic steed. But then the musical passages are concentrated in melodic significance, then alternating frantic impetuous melody with mid-tempo melody. The Wretched and the Damned title track begins with a frantic drive of a battle march, then combines in the final composition of the album such fury with the charm of the melodic of an epic saga.