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A fascinating tale of space wanderings

April 08, 2023
Starkill - Gravity

The epic intro begins with a bright and exciting Detonate musical artwork, which begins an artistic flight on the wings of the Starkill - Gravity album, entering the vocal part with the voice of a singing lady, sometimes complementing her story with background chorales and a stern male growling vocals. The whirlwind of the guitar solo is whirled by a swift chase in the introduction, then the Until We Fall composition crowns the main motive with a vocal part, again alternating male and female vocals, then dragging into the twilight mystery of the foggy atmosphere of the Not Alone twilight fairy tale, combining vocal lyrics with rolls of pulsating drive.
The keyboard symphony of the Castaway introduction precedes the pensive melodies of the singing lady and the emotional ascension of the male vocals, developing the musical canvas into a solemn rhythmic march of the Emerge anthem, enchanting with the unity of musical melody and vocals diversity that precedes the symphonic charm of the Manufactured Bliss musical fairy tale.
Music and vocals are woven together in the Fly With Me composition in enchanting artistic lace, setting the sound of the Lost to Time main motive in the introduction with the sparkling brightness of the guitar solo, immediately rolling in waves of twilight drive, shrouded in the mysterious symphonic background of the Master of My Life composition with shades of oriental motifs.
After the intriguing mystery of the introduction, weaving the musical canvas of the main motif, the Evil Inside canto brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, varying voices and vocal styles, continuing the musical narrative with the Face the Dark rhythmic march, continuing to build the composition in support of the vocal alternation and concluding the album with the musical narration of The Real Enemy story.