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Eurovision 2021: music strikes back COVID!

May 24, 2021
Eurovision 2021 winners

After the solemn events for the opening of Grandfinal, many have snuggle up to the screens in the waiting for the performance of their country's artist and favorite performers.
Many performers appeared in very unexpected images and demonstrated a very peculiar show. For example, many fans of Russia hurt and even insulted the performance of the representative of their country, Manizha.
After a variety of musical shows of many performers from various countries, a trivial wait was coming - existences were sequentially announced, representing the participant's countries.
The results of the voting were summarized the opinion of experts and the public - here again opinions were divided: the audience supported Italy and Ukraine, while experts to the participant from Italy were more demanding, the Ukrainian GO_A band was evaluated very negative. Nevertheless, the general opinion of students and experts brought victory to the Italian participant - Måneskin band with the "Zitti E Buoni" song.