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In the pre-dawn haze everything becomes even more mysterious

November 09, 2021
Among Your Gods - Before The Dawn

Brief Intro creates a brooding intrigue at the beginning of the Among Your Gods - Before The Dawn album, then developing the Poison musical sound into the unity of charming female vocals together with demonic growling. The tempo and rhythmic structures are dramatically transformed into the sound of the Your Choice composition, complementing the medium-tempo march of severe growling with romantic vocals ingots and musical elements.
Oriental motifs create the atmosphere of the sound of the Night Without Masks song in addition to the harsh vocals and drive. The Eternal Dance accelerates the musical race in the pursuit of seductive dreams.
Sharply hardening and fierce sound, the Flight To Immortality composition pays much attention to the vocal role. The Phantom Existence romantic ballad combines the demonic appeals of growling with the background ingests of a charming lady.
Severity and confidence are fully embodied in the All Your Sins mid-tempo march. Speeding up the music in the intro and instrumental bridges, the Bullet song holds back the rapidity of the tempo in the vocal fragments. The Shards Of Yourself song, which was released as a separate EP brought considerable fame to the group, complements the album with the artistry of its sound. The Fugitive puts the final point in the album, confidently and uncompromisingly her steps into the musical canvas of its path.