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Stalking in shadows to the Necromancer's Castle

November 10, 2021
Shadowland (USA) - The Necromancer's Castle

The story of the stern lady begins the musical narrative of the Ligeia song, then the music weaves together in a vivid and exciting dance with the singing lady's vocal confessions. The title track of the post-intriguing mystery continues the Shadowland (USA) - The Necromancer's Castle album's musical narrative with an insistent and fierce drive that recedes before the epic proclamations of the majestic Female Lord, proclaiming her importance.
The mid-tempo procession of the Walking In Shadows song combines with the dusky armosphere that wraps around it and the bright guitar solo in the chorus and instrumental section. The Rising Tide track rushes off in a flight of drive whirlwind, enveloping the singing lady's vocal narration with sparkling rays of guitar artistry.
The intro and mysterious development is followed by a bright and artistic guitar solo, then the Warhound song finds its way to its main motif. The Remains song immediately rolls out the musical canvas stubbornly and confidently, raising vocal reflections on the crests of musical waves.
Insistent, unyielding, and rebellious, the vocal phrases march along the path laid by the musical passages of the Easy Living song. The Pretty Faces composition ends the album with the unrestrained unity of vocal inspiration and vivid musical sound.