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War Crimes

Altars Of Annihilation
In this land of the damned we stand
Hurt and sick here we are in pain
Innocent blood has been shed today
for the sins of the Aryan race

Human rights.. there´s no rights
For this people, just demise
History, there´s no such thing
It is written, for those who win

Survivors hopes that death will end the pain
The Deceased prays for justice to be made
The air we breathe now is filled with blood
Right now we are the forgotten by god

Death´s arrivals inminent
Human corpses everywhere
Someone told me War is hell
Hiroshima is hell on earth

Was necessary
It was meant to be
We needed to win
No mercy with the enemy
The massacre is justified
This sacrifice had to be done
In order to end this war
We sacrificed the lambs of god

Horrifying disfigurement
Your skin is falling apart
People burst into flames
Your skin and clothes become one
Blood vomit all over the streets
People holding falling extremities
Little boy has fulfilled his wish
Mass murder is the way to win

Here we are, this is war, this is hell
In this day, in this time, in this place
The earth shakes, there´s no air, the sky cries
Painful shame, for mankind, acid tears fall

You will never sleep again
from your mind you can´t escape
when you die I will be there
you will meet me when you go to hell