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Band/Artist: Crywolf

Album: Ghosts EP

You invited me in and said "It's bound to happen"
The darkness, it shaded your eyes
And all I could think about
Is the life behind our lies
And the blankets, they covered your skin
Your lips, they just welcomed me in
I don't feel at home in this house
But my hands, they still run up your blouse
And our lies now unfold in the dark
And our eyes are now bright to the sun
We're doing this all wrong

They can't know what goes on behind these walls
You never really had my heart
You never really had my heart
We broke all the locks and ran out of our stalls
We should have stopped from the start
We should have stopped from the start

You left my heart on the floor
You dug my grave in the bed
Your lips against my ear
Said "I'll never leave your head"
Like a spider now
Spinning webs in my brain
You sink your venom in
Love, it rushes through my veins


Are you breaking all the glass around your eyes?
You care for me, you care in disguise
As you piece parts of my heart, I find parts of yours
In the blankets and on the floor
Truth be told, I'm growing colder in your arms