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Visual Prostitution

I can't look at the goddamned screen
Too many losers show no self-esteem
Do me a favor don't abuse my eyes
You're telling lies - you're low!

Tell them things they don't need to know
A star for one day forgotten tomorrow
Trying to get more self confidence
Denude your soul - your low!

Down - down - down
Down with your pants
Down - down - down
Embarrassing self-defense

What a fuckin' evolution
Visual prostitution
Shame on our constitution
Visual prostitution

Stupid people telling lies - visual prostitution
Ugly faces - thousand cries - visual prostitution
Stories we don't need to hear - visual prostitution
Stuck this shit right up your rear - visual...

I can't stand your stupid ugly face
I hate the sound of your weak voice
Do use a favor 'cause you've got no pride
Down with your pants - you're low!