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Urn (Part II) - As Embers Dance in Our Eyes

Ne Obliviscaris

Band/Artist: Ne Obliviscaris

Album: Urn

Beneath aqueducts, anointed we transfigure
Within the void we are breathless, we are delivered

Before the flame we transcend
Bearing light in hues of sunrise
With devil’ed wings as wind torn shrouds
Faithless decadence

Together, forever... of all
Tomorrow, we dream no more
Our gods lay in quiescence
The end, true freedom

Baroque’n forms ‘neath morning stars
Where the moon will wither
Here, we are of the sun
We become the earth

Wounds of earth, purging fire
Burning bloodstreams... bereft of pulse and light
Crimson gold, a new sun... empyreal
Crimson gold, one last sun... to ember

Dead seas of life
Dead seas of life

In shades of faceless grey, unto ashes
Our dying memories, our faded lives
Within this urn inversed, pain released
We are the ones that were, what once was...