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Unboned Remnants

Scrambled Defuncts
Giblets of quartered putrescence germs
Regurgitated from bacterial wombs
Like multitude of worming maggots laid
In decollated disfigured defuncts
Charred eyesockets filled with fear of pain
Outrageous groan of mangled infants
Afterbirth smirched with seeping pus
Colonies of grubs cover indurated stumps
Heaps of fermented meat and erupted entrails
Burst pestilential rectum fallen outside
Steaks cumbers on necroscoped torsos
The unborns dismembered for the conservation
Grinding cubits the torn out throats are cut
From partition bilious onflows defecation
Spines extracted from rotten anal passages
Gastric sap leaks from grilled esophagus
Pieces of innards boil and dissolve
Spinal cord pumped out from molten cartilages
Licking the pus of disfigured children
Filling their corpses with graveyard soil
Disjointed organs spreading the mephits
Worms eating scattered lymphatic tallow
Pulling out their hearts from pressured thoraxes
Torn out eyes fry with ripped out cunts
Constricting corpuscles of rotted skin from the faces
In thick excretion of mutilated glands
Extracted miscarriages cease to beat
When I break their heads with a stone
Encumber the details of necropsed children
Disfigured torsos empurple with spilling blood
Evaporation come up from the stillborns
Poignating ooze diffuses to the void
Ground toes of mangled legs
Close up the holes of lacerated mouths