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Jackson, Damar

Band/Artist: Jackson, Damar

Album: U2

Yeah, what up? Where you at?
What's happening? Shit, just leaving [?], you know
Oh word, word. Yo, so I just seen Jenny with, uh, with your man on a walk
Man, hell nah, it's all... man, that shit straight
Nah, don't she, she drive that little black Honda with the cross in the middle?
Oh yeah? So you...
Yeah, she hopped in your... she hopped in your man's whip
I don't know what's going on with that, but you know, you might wanna check on that
Homebro, man, I ain't even trippin' 'bout that shit, man, alright?
Yeah, we good, man
'Preciate that, though, for real, though, my nigga
But yeah, I ain't trippin' 'bout none of that shit, you heard me?
I got that all sewed up, you dig?
Alright, 100
Alright, 100, man, good lookin' out
Hell nah, she wouldn't even play with me like that, man, like...
She wouldn't do that shit, man
Nah, man, nah