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Transenflamed Visions Of Your Mortal End

Torn from inside out, phlebotomized
You crawl through the darkened earthly debris
Once you thought you were disguised
Oh, it was painful to find out you were not!

We follow each step of yours, hiding in the shades
Of your pathetic life
We chase the thieves of our belief
Isn't it delightful to see them writhe?

Writhe in sin, writhe in a circle of putridity
Writhe in pain, writhe in a cycle of stupidity

Your dominion is but a ruin of it's former self
... Or is it a regular mirage?
A logical outcome
... Or a fatal failure of your minds?

Slipping silently, for we're in no need of words
Symbolizing purest mental strength, we've came to be your shrine
We rape, annihilate and slay your herds,
For the better life always follows the decline

Complete decline... the absolute demise
That's what awaits the human breed.
Among the chaotic shapes of universal apocalypse
Sown will be our inhuman seed.

The antithesis of vitality, antonym for the breathing flesh
We are the raging ocean of anxiety...
Your sight is transenflamed with vision of an End,
Ablaze with the fires of Yuggoth, the chariotry comes forth
And mourns the mankind, granting you the truest sleep
For your life was nothing but a dream...