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The ancient trails ahead
Beat through the barren plains
Wandered by man and beast
Since the dawn of time
Towards the sun, towards the moon
They strode, As do I
To claim our stellar home - under the dome

We have walked these paths before
We are standing on the shoulders
Of our fathers, of our mothers
And their world of lore
The olden seas bellow
Raging as they beat the shore
Lifting me with a threat into calmer waters
Leading me towards my haven, towards the sands
Our ancient retreat underneath the stars

We have sailed the seas before
We reached them through the rivers
Through the icy waters of the moors
And age-old peaks above
In our chase through the steep ravines
We have sought to see, we have strained to be free
We have charged towards smooth waters
Towards new horizons and our land of old

Under the stellar dome
I have seen these lights before
The moon, the stars
Our place within the lore