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Mountains Crave

Embedded mute embryo
Budding in the null space
Intricate root system
Of veins and arteries to absent heart

Tranquil in the current
Voicing the vibrations
Being sheds tears of lead
Submerged in swells of sentient splendour

Kindling of Profound truth
Enriching as it travels
Inferno, bones aglow
I become as we were when we were not

Awakened to the cells themselves
With resonance most thunderous
Aflame with lustre wondrous
At profound truth they strive to tell

Confounding revelation
Hidden knowledge heretofore
Shrouded in pregnant metaphor
Divine illumination

Intrinsic eternity
From innermost to nethermost
Corporealise pale ghost
Overwhelming connectivity

I am peace
I am love
Earth beneath
And skies above

Lifts ghosts of words from frosted panes
Rid of fear
sadness and shame

To the song of creation
Alive in jubilation

To the song of creation
Beatific congregation

To the song of creation
Attuned to life's vibration

To the song of creation
Shed mental contagion

From silence and tranquility we came and shall depart
Trees and sky and rainfall whisper music in your heart
Gleaming like Enceladus, a coruscating glow
Lights the deepest darkness, a stream that forever flows
Man transcends his ignorance, beyond perishing sight
To Unseen palaces of differentiated light

Uneclipsed moonbeams
First light is dawning
Your heart sings like the
sun in the morning