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The Black Book

Tortoise Corpse
Welcome to the house of darkness
Long fallen into disrepair
Eternal tomb where death it sleeps
Putrefying air
Stalk through rooms devoid of life
Roam alone with pain
All was violence breeding fear
Stench of hate remains

Enter tomb - House of hell
Sleeping death - Wakening

Library beckons, in you go
Shadows dance in, candlelight
You find a book as black as pitch
It seals your fate this hallowed night
Macig symbols ordain it's cover
Pages cut from human skin
The symbols move as if of life
And now the madness it begins

Open book - Gates of hell
Madness calls - Beckoning

What is this I have done?
From the book the Fallen One
Darkness released from the page
Seeks revenge, Unholy rage

Apocalypse let lose by my hand
Soon terror to take its command
As all hell spreads its wings
Dark furies unleash sickening screams
Freed from tortured dreams
As the moon bleeds in pain
Demons rape your mind, your land
Violent terror has made its stand
Will the sun rise again

Welcome to the land in darkness
Desolation reeking everywhere
Eternal tomb, Death roams free
Endless despair
Wandering a land devoid of life
Rotting hands of human time
What was written has been done
Hear the death bells chime