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The Ave. (Remix)

Andre Nickatina
[Verse 1]
I used to laugh when T seen dopefiends get beat
Bleedin' all out they head in the middle of the streets
They say pitbull fights would go on at the park
And like vampires niggaz come out after dark
You know freaks sell dope for material shit
And on the side gold-diggin on a ballers dick
Yeah,O.G. niggaz turned in to alcoholics
What you think about it Boo Boo? (nigga I can't call it)
Man little kids run around with a nose full of boogers
While the niggaz on the block sell that rocked up sugar
Touchin' they gats everytime a fool pass
Waitin' to put slugs up in a niggaz ass
They say fuck school, they say fuck grades
They rather get paid and snort cocaine
On the Ave.

On the A-V-E
It's about money and D
Man fuck around too long and be a casualty
Man in the A-V-E it's about rocks and glocks
Don't get too close because you might get shot

[Verse 2]
Motherfuckers I used to go to school with
They look at me like man I don't give a shit
Man they don't even say what's up top a young loc
They put they hands on they guns inside they coats
But I'm thinkin' to myself man I ain't fearin' ya
I 'member back when we ate in the cafateria
Nigga, but them days are rested
I get a mary jane sack like that and keep steppin'
To the sto' for some zig-zags
Man every sto' that I know yo is owned by some Arabs
But I got money in my Cutty so I'm drivin
Sixty-nine drop top motherfucker

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
You motherfucken bitches they ain't shit to me
Man you should see these freaks on the A-V-E
Yo, shakin' they ass man tryin' to get a grip
But bitch this ain't no motherfucken freak nick
Ho, so what nigga you got a fancy car
You be shootin' niggaz over that nasty broad
Somewhere inside you you think that's hard
But when you die nigga what you gon' say to god
They get to spittin' them ninas, nine millimeters, bust ballerinas
Over things from Colombia and Argentina
My tiga Rome got a rock face
That means he's facin three years for a motherfucken glock case
You might think you went out of space
'Cause motherfucker this is something that you can't escape
On the Ave.

[Hook x2]