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The Alpha of the Antichrist


Band/Artist: Ofermod

Album: Sol Nox

The Alpha of the Antichrist

in the periphery
a baneful redeemer is rising
brought forth by the one
who torches the sinister spark
in the midst of the painful movers
a seed lies hidden and dormant
soon to bloom, soon to flood our world!

all innocence is burnt upon the altar
as we plunder the reservoir of sins
the raven shall feast upon the dove
when form and shadow unite in dissonance

through the great Beast of Thagirion
the shadow is made perfect
and as we drink the fatal nectar!
life and death unite in perfect discord
for we have ignited the flame... and the offerings burn!

and we call Thee! Venite Sorath! and we call Thee! Venite Sorath!
and we call Thee! Venite Sorath! and we call Thee! Venite Sorath!

the air grows thick with sinister fumes
the invoked force devours the crowd
He that brings dissolution and coagulation
Fire, be His name! Transmutation, be His name!

Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas!
Venite Sorath!

the soot that covers आज्ञा seals the pact
the soul is branded and slaughtered in a ritual sacrifice
the city of jewels is finally devoured by flames
and naught but ruins, blood and hell remains!
the Veritable Red Dragon
the Stooping Black Dragon
unite in a perfect discord
as life and death interweave

in the ashes that remain
in the ruins of the heart
the End of absolution
the Alpha of the Antichrist!