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The Al Capone Suite (feat. Equipto)

Andre Nickatina
It's the recess cup yea, nessly crunch yea, milky way type madness.
sometimes I hate to begin this, sometime the photographers can stand this,
say dead like a battery hit'em off with flatery, I don't do it for the cherity,
I have to rap for the veraty, she said yea mother fucker, let's do it on a saturday,
toss the bu cape, grab the mo__ jump in the caddy in we went our way

We up n the dope for the next studio droping the rap and we skat to the show
tramendious track with the doe we blow, some hate that don't even know me though.
we stuff the philly, what's the realli, and we come back easy

Ease I'm high as a mother fucker, probly dies as a motherfucker,
get tried as a motherfucker, get fried as a motherfucker,
but don't let that be ther reason why motherfucker, hardly ber__ far,
do it at the bar but don't take it to far, some man, got leaneant,
foo they got the ingrediants, fuck be a nigga that's seening it,
when you wanna be a nigga that's being it, word.

Put it on a hard way, and by the way like a B n an ash trey,
gotta hit'em like a rickashay, and when the temp-T parley,
and I know cut-throats like scarface, don't hit'em up put'em down on the contract,
make your ass a little too hard to contact

Lord lullibuy, king nicky, gettin gone, yea. off that sticky, it see a copy,
they say they wanna get me, but I got a body gard like wittney