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Sunrise (Alternate Version)

Brown, Arthur
The sunrise on the killing
Has left me in the way
I'm looking round to find the light
Won't you let me see the day

Anywhere a man turns he can't help but see
Waves of destruction and insanity
Deep down my soul raises a plea
Oh Lord, bring it back to me

The finger that will beckon
Will as soon push you right back again
The arms that caress you
Will fill you full of pain
And that's why, why I gotta love someone
Deep down in my heart I gotta be free to let my soul grow

And then tomorrow can be full of laughter and sunshine
The way behind you may seem very long but far away
And you may search this whole wide world longing for beauty
But never listen, never listen what men say
You've got to be just what you are
Or you will never understand

I'll never be a fool again
I'm gonna try to reach in my mind
I'm gonna look for the way
I'm gonna try and I'll breathe again

Looking out the way
Try to make the day shine
I realise that nothing's gonna get you down
Nothing you owned
Nothing you wanted
And nothing you've had is gonna make you high