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Running Out Of Time

Fire! Burning in my soul
Ignite! Time is taking toll
We fight! To be in control
No minutes spare
You must beware

Facing the end
The end of your life
Fighting the clock
Which is ready to strike
Running in circles
Death's hands chasing you
With seconds to hurdle
Can you make it through?

Running out of time
Fight to stay alive
Race against the clock
Before life expires
There's no time to wait
Death we must escape
We are running
Running out of time

Death! Death awaits us all
We live until the day we fall
Is the last resort
In time you will cease
Time will release

Release you of love
Laughter, anger and pain
No circumstances
As you won't remain
Nothing determines
Remainder of time
Facing facts, you've reached
The end of the line


Time! Time is ticking away
It doesn't define
How you lived every day
What's left behind
Might not matter to one
Did you live by the sword?
Did you die by the gun?

Sound the alarm
As the bell tolls for you
Did you live for a lie?
Did you live for the truth?
Reflections will speak
Louder than song
Your timeline will end
And it strings you along