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Queen Of Desire (Ostrogoth)

Do you feel the pain that's hurtin' my brains ?
It's here again, I'm really insane.
She has the power to enter my soul.
No one escapes her, I'm losing control !

She's dressed. in black, a real spider.
Ànd they call her the queen of desire.

I met her at midnight, a smile on her face,
a magical ride, so we walked into space,
She has that terrible look in her eyes !
Cryin' won't help, she's driving me wild.


Please, take a chance on me.
What's the use, Iill die tomorrow.
But today : a last recall of my life;
future please, I lean on you !!

When she comes ready for me,
What should I cry for another day?
She's a winner, she's a killer.
No one can deny,
and she's there, taking me high.
Please stay with me !

Don't you mess too long with me
'cause our love should die.
You see, she only plays a game.
In her dreams she enjoyed that I crashed so mean.
That girl, God, she just got seventeen!

Hey butcher, pray for the hell ín my life.
What should I care for, cause in 24 hours
I'm in heaven, in hell :
to me a final escape, the end (takin' me high).
Please stay with me !

Do you feel the pain that's...