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Photo Ops (Skit) (feat. John Witherspoon)

Chance The Rapper
Look that way, nigga
(Do somethin')
Pussy ass nigga
You watch out
Oh, yo, yo
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
Let me in, in, in

Ah yeah, woo
Y'all look great
Why y'all stop?
Don't quit on the count of me
This picture be developed in two or three minutes
Go ahead, you got your shirt all wrinkled
And you... your eye is fucked up, damn
I guess I should've seen this comin' but I
This isn't how I pictured this day
You boys sure love to fight, all the time
All you do is fight, fight, fight
What you fighting over now? Money? (Man I...)
Shut up, ain't nobody ask you nothin', fat boy
These two are brothers, you're family
This isn't what family looks like
Now, I came here to get a photo of my boys on their big day
Now, we could wait for this picture to develop and remember today looking like this
Or, we can go out and try this again
Go fix yourselves up
Fat boy, move in, somebody can try to put their arm around you
Come on... everyone...

(Come on, man)