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Pervasive Despoilment

Unfathomable Ruination
Perpetual ignorance, a latent threat,
An incognito cultivation within the shadows

With feeble open arms we welcome infection,
Our fearful retraction of established convention,
The catalyst

Internal disintegration, your empire collapsing
Your desperate need for integration is the cause of your condemnation
Your desperate need for equality opened the gates for infiltration,
The pathogen uprising

This infiltration comes, total fixation on total domination
Without resistance this vile infection shall spread, a matter of time
They are growing in numbers, swarming like locusts,

The mindless brainwashed, enslaved
This subterranean filth will surface
Overwhelmed, the innocent crushed
Overrun, the ignorant devoured

Without resistance, contaminated
Overwhelmed the innocent will be crushed
Overwhelmed the innocent will be enslaved
The ignorant will be devoured by this primitive plague