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(Yeah, yeah
Jet Life, nigga
Yeah, Jet Life)
Scribble Scratch Records
(Statik Selektah)
Andretti, Statik Selektah, uh

Bracelet in the freezer, you ain't cold as these
A bitch need a limited time after I squeeze, gotta leave her
Reefer and a speedster, never leased one
That motherfucker mine, you see me in that driver seat
Huh? You lost your fuckin' mind? Bitch, you fuckin' blind?
This is real rap, this not no rap lies, I'm on my grind
You just online watchin' other rappers die
You just online watchin' twerk queens exercise
While I'm outside pushin' mine
This Scribble Scratch BMW hatchbacks
With luggage racks, passports
Tennis courts at the Waldorf
Kentucky bluegrass with a canary yellow Porsche
How do you define a boss?
I took a loss and caught it off the backboard like an Atlanta Hawk
Hit 'em with the Dominique Wilkins tomahawk jam
Looking at the man right where I fuckin' stand
Lamborghinis when I land, take me to my dinner plans
Rolex on my steering hand, sick of hearin' 'bout how ill I am
Bitches in my ear again, talkin' 'bout I'm realer than her man
Why you dissin' him? I'm just chillin', man
Rollin' sticks and dippin' them in jam
Paddle shift the F1, I am the best one
They thought the rest was on my level but I fuckin' left 'em
Without a question
Rollin' up the next one, I'm 'bout to bless one
Once Statik make a selection, I gotta wreck one

Yeah, yeah, while I'm outside
Yeah, yeah, while I'm outside
Yeah, yeah, while I'm outside
Yeah, yeah, yeah, while I'm outside
Yeah, yeah